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Introducing Antreminder, your new schedule watcher

If you're hearing about it for the first time, Antreminder is a free web app I created for students (currently for UCI). They can add courses to their 'reminders,' and they will get notified whenever a course status is attained. I have created an image to help you visualize how it works.


Over the summer, I wanted to add a bioinformatics class but the class's status was 'FULL' even though it was half empty. I had to login over and over again just to check if the class was open. You can see why this is a big problem.

No programmer likes doing the same task over and over again especially if it can be easily automated.

So, Antreminder was born out of frustration. I created it over the summer and added some finishing touches this fall. I didn't think it'll take as long, but at the same time, about half of the technologies I used were new to me, so it was expected.

If there are any UCI students reading this, yes, the title, 'Antreminder', was inspired by 'antplanner' - a tool I use very often. You should, too.

Another reason it took so long was because I created 3 versions of Antreminder. 2 different web apps, and a mobile app version. Obviously, I'm only releasing the version I chose to focus on and finish. The thought process behind the decision, technologies, and approach won't be covered in this post. If there are any interests, I will create another post that'll explain (in more detail) how I started, progressed, and was able to release a stable version of the app.

Anyway, it wasn't a trivial task even though the app itself is really simple. I had a full-time internship over the summer, so I only worked on it after work (and on some most weekends). Also, I'm not a Web designer. I had never really thought about creating Web Apps prior to Antreminder, but it feels great to be able to add something nice and more user-friendly to my portfolio. Antreminder is fully functional, you can head over to antreminder.csthings.net and create a free account. It's currently in BETA so please try to break it. I'll be happy if you do as long as you let me know how you did it.

Never miss an enrollment opportunity again. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT!!!

Tolu Salako

Tolu Salako

Software Engineer. UCI grad. Currently reading Dark Intelligence (Book 1) by Neil Asher - http://amzn.to/2D776LJ, and Principles by Ray Dalio - http://amzn.to/2CDSaUk .

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